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  • GPRS trail camera stops sending photos to email or mobiles. 1. Check if the SIM card is out of charge. 2. Check if SIM card in using can work with mobile phone. 3. Check if the signal is too weak or there is no signal covered. 4. Make sure the GP
  • Using a memory card is required to operate your trail cameras. When the camera is "ON" and no memory card is used, the screen displays "Please insert memory card". The SD slot of the trail camera has a 32 GB memory capacity. Before inserting o
  • 7310 Series trail cameras have 7310a and 7310mg. You can find 720P and 1080P option on camera menu now.
  • What will you see on display when trail camera connect mms module? SIM: No SIM card or installed incorrectly CSQ: No signals CREG: SIM card is password-protected, or deactivated due to zero balance in the account, o
  • All the SMS content starts with LTL, ends with AA. All the  order code which needs to be changed indicated by 2 figures. Order code
  • Good news, our Mobile Web was launched,  Please pay close attention to us by your mobile phone Mobile website: m.game-scoutingcamera.com Welcome to contact us +86 75528068900 for any questions.
  •  Software Upgrade of Hunting Camera 1. Copy the upgrade software files(3 files)into SD card; 2. Insert SD card into hunting camera; 3. Insert batteries/ or plug in power cable. 4. Switch button in mode "ON"; 5. Press and hold
  • FAQ on GPRS and SMS remote control Please pay attention to following when you use GPRS and SMS REMOTE CONTROL   A) SMS REMOTE CONTROL 1, Maintain high power when use, please use high speed SD card over 6class.   B) GPRS 1, Maintain h
  • NEW MODEL 7310MG in normal production.Specialy recommeded for security.   Main MMS feature: With SMS/MMS/GPRS/SMTP/HTTP function, camera can transmit photos to 1-4 settled mobile phones and 1-4 email accounts according to set intervals consta
  • NEW MODEL Ltl-5310MG in normal production.Specialy recommeded for security.   Main feature: 720p video resolution; 44 LED flashes; GSM GPRS functions; SMS remote control
  •  Software Upgrade of 7310A Hunting Trail Cameras   1. Switch button in mode "ON"; 2. Insert batteries or plug in power cable. 3. Copy the upgrade software files(3 files)into SD card; 4. Insert SD card into hunting camera; 5.
  • The manufacturer reserves the right to upgrade the trail camera and the firmware. Follow the steps below to implement the upgrades:    Back up the contents on the SD card on your computer.  Install batteries and the
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