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Do you know these tips to deploy wireless wildlife camera
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 If you want to shooting the wildlifes with Wildlife Camera,you must pay attention to the wildlife camera setting.Otherwise,you may be probably wait for a long time but still get nothing.So,here I introduce two tips for you.

In the forest,there are many path winding forward that are narrow or width,or intermittent. Although not appear,but for wild animals, this is a “crisscross highway” they freely, they have a special name: “The beast path”.To find a  suitable beast path is a main job for choose the concreteness place point with game amera.

Looking for beast path need to find some local old hunter as the guide of the field work.In previous hunting, they can be accurately found in the mountains Commonly used abeast path, and according to the topography and trend, type and amount of animal trace select multiple beast intersection place setting traps, feet for casing;And this Kind of place, is also a good place to set welltar wildlife camera.

Water is also a perfect point to “ambush” wildlife.It can to confirm that many paw prints and faeces arounding the small puddles of scattered on the mountain ground. Only to fixed the game caemra on the tree arounding small puddles, and adjust the position.It’s photograph frequency may even higher than the cloth set the wildlife camera on the beast path. So small puddles into the camera field setting key consideration.
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