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Outdoor Infrared Thermal Telescope
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BK-T4 is Outdoor Thermal Telescope device adopts advance non-cooled focal plane infrared detector and quality optical lenses as the core. With the characteristics of convenient and quick operating system, small appearance design, expansion parts with perfect function, long duration of use, it is sturdy and durable and applicable to all types of environments and provides an ideal temperature measurement tool featuring °įclear imaging, precise measurement, simple operation and easy to carry°Ī. This is the best selection for onsite detection, preventive maintenance and other application sites.

The product may be used for outdoor animal observation, search and rescue, law enforcement detection for policemen, night patrol, outdoor activities and personal security, etc. The product is provided with the photographing function. The photos may be browsed by connecting with a computer through USB to make it convenient for observation of many persons at the same time, which creates possibility for application in more occasions.




Product weight


Product size


Probe type

Uncooled focal plane

Resolution ratio

384x288 infrared focal plane

LCD resolution


Focus length

19mm; 25mm; 35mm


Single eyepiece display (the dioptric compensation is adjustable)

Field angle

19.5°„x14.7°„; 14.9°„x11.2°„; 10.7°„x 8°„

Digital zoom

2X; 4X

Wavelength coverage


Frame rate of thermal images


Color palette

Rainbow/Hot metal/white heat/black heat

Focusing mode


Image storage



Built-in rechargeable batteries


Micro USB

Working time

°›6 hours

Work temperature

0°ś- 45°ś

Storage temperature

-20°ś- 60°ś

Detection Range

25MM    Humans: 1667M ;  Wild boar: 1471M;  Vehicles:2501M

35MM    Humans: 2334M ;  Wild boar: 2059M;  Vehicles:3501M

Recognition Range

25MM    Humans: 471M ;    Wild boar: 367M;   Vehicles:626M

35MM    Humans: 584M ;    Wild boar: 514M;   Vehicles:876M

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