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Solar Driveway Alarm System
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433MHz Wireless Transmission

Transmission Range

Max : 800 meters


Max : 4 Channels

PIR Detection Range

High Sensitivity : 30 feet Low Sensitivity : 20 feet

PIR Detection Angle

Horizontal : 60 degree Vertical : 40 degree

Solar Power Panel

Max: 0.35W

Detector Low Power Notification




Detector Power Supply

1500 mAh Built-in Li-ion Battery

Detector Charging

DC 5V/1 A

Receiver Power Supply

4 * AA Battery(Not Included)

Receiver External Power Supply

DC 5V/1 A


Common Questions and Answers

Q: How much power will the solar power panel produce ? How long will it take to charge the detector ?


The maximum power output of the solar power panel is 0.35W.

With straight sunshine, it will normally take about 3-7 days to fully charge the detector, depending on the sunlight strength.

Q: What's the maximum range of the alarm system?


In open space with no obstacles, the maximum range between the detector and the receiver is over 800 meters. Obstacles like walls, glasses and trees will affect the transmission distance.

Q: Will I be alerted when the detector power runs low ?


When the detector power runs low, the low power indicator on the receiver will light up, please charge the detector with DC 5V/1 A external power supply.

Q: Can I use DC 5V/1 A external power supply instead of AA batteries to power the receiver?


Yes, the receiver can be powered with AA battery or DC 5V/1 A external power supply. With external power supply connected, the receiver will use external power supply as default even with batteries inserted.

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