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  • The manufacturer reserves the right to upgrade the camera and the firmware. Users can upgrades firmware through SD card (SD card capacity less than 32GB) Follow the steps below to implement the upgrades: 1) Ready a SD cart and format the SD card
  • Welltar company will be exhibiting the HKTDC Hong Kong Electronics Fair 2016 (Spring Edition) We hereby sincerely invite you and your company representatives to visit our booth 3C0N-112. Booth Number: 3CON-112 in Hall 3 Concourse Date: April
  • "INTERVAL" and "TIME LAPSE" are same function, the different is calculation way of interval time. This will affect the time accuracy.  D3 camera's "INTERVAL" function does not count storage time, every time work according to the set interval.
  • Warmly Celebrating Welltar Has Successfully Hold "The 2015 Hong Kong Electronics Fair" Shenzhen Welltar Electronic Technology Co., Ltd has joined "The 2015 Hong Kong Electronics Fair" in October 13th, 2015 to October 16th, 2015 in Hong Kong Conven
  • Hunting is a thing which cost a lot time and physical power.So how do we simplify the equipments to hunt more efficiently? Several tips that you need to consider first: Are the equipments able to guarantee your safety? Are the equipments able to h
  • D3 Hunting Camera menu language is "English" by default. Users can choose different language version as below to purchase. Ver01: English¡¢German¡¢Italian¡¢Czech£» Ver02: English¡¢Hungary¡¢Slovakia¡¢Russian£» Ver03: English¡¢Finnish¡¢Swedish¡¢Danish£» Ver
  • GOOD NEWS!  Welltar company will be exhibiting the 2015 Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Autumn Edition) We hereby sincerely invite you and your company representatives to visit our booth. Booth Number: 3CON-081 in Hall 3 Concourse Date: Octobe
  • I heard from many people that it's very interesting to hunt in Canada.It's said that Canada is sparsely populated and has a lot of wild animals in large areas of forest and grassland.According to some Travelling Company advertisements described that
  • Hunting is totally a brand new thing for China.Chinese awareness of animal protection obtained obvious growth in recent years.It needs more more understanding and system design to gain the best answers by considering several questions like the reason
  • Products are rich and fertile in our country from southeast to northwest.So far 25 international hunting grounds has been established since the first international hunting ground built in heilongjiang in1984.Hunting species include argali, blue sh
  • You might say that cheetahs invented fast food. They are perfectly adapted for hunting in the grasslands and arid regions of Africa . Being so quick they are able to capture prey that no other animals are able to catch. Cheetahs are sprinters, not lo
  • Cover Scents and lures Like all mammals, humans have a certain smell about them that most other animals can detect and recognize. Most game animals associate this smell with danger, and will stay away from it. This can make it more difficult for hun
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