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  • Hunting Gear Every hunter has their favorite hunting gear essentials, things they wouldn¡¯t dream of trekking in the woods without. On every list you¡¯ll find a weapon of choice (usually a bow and arrow or rifle and ammunition) as well as survival e
  • Dear everybody, dear dealers and users. Thank you for supporting us.  Welltar company  wish you a beautiful holiday season. May peace,happiness and good fortune be with you always.
  • Little Acorn hunting cameras Features Starting at $182.22 and going as high as $519.95, Little Acorn hunting camerass are compact, user-friendly and fully featured. These cameras are designed to empower you to see exactly what you want to in your hu
  • There are major differences between a trail camera and a regular camera. A regular camera often has to be operated by a person or can be set up to take one photo based on a timer. Trail cameras have a special design that allows them to be set up to t
  • All SMS message order codes start with ¡°*¡±, end with ¡°#¡±. Camera GPRS module will confirm back to preset phone(1) with a successful configured notification message upon every single remote SMS command order message. Note:&nbs
  • The are a number of different features available on remote trail cameras. One of the first and most important feature to choose is whether you want your camera to be a digital camera or a film camera. Digital cameras have a newer technology that prod
  • How to save set for 7310MG mms hunting camera? Use the navigation key to move the "cursor" over the icon inside the white square as the photo showed, then press "OK" to save the setup you just made
  • Ltl Acorn 6310 series Hunting Cameras are ready now, include 6310mc 6310mg 6310wmg and 6310wmg models.
  • Trail cameras are tough, motion-activated cameras designed to capture images of wildlife. They take full-color images during the day and use infrared flash technology to capture black and white images at night. If you are a hunter, they take a lot of
  • GPRS trail camera stops sending photos to email or mobiles. 1. Check if the SIM card is out of charge. 2. Check if SIM card in using can work with mobile phone. 3. Check if the signal is too weak or there is no signal covered. 4. Make sure the GP
  • Using a memory card is required to operate your trail cameras. When the camera is "ON" and no memory card is used, the screen displays "Please insert memory card". The SD slot of the trail camera has a 32 GB memory capacity. Before inserting o
  • 7310 Series trail cameras have 7310a and 7310mg. You can find 720P and 1080P option on camera menu now.
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