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The Application of Infrared Thermal ImagingTechnology in Video Surveillance
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The infrared thermal imaging technology can be well used in video surveillance systems,Below are the applications:

1.It can do the intelligent video surveillance all day under 24 hours and bad weather.

It's difficult for the average video surveillance to monitor all day in important area especially like the bank's vault,confidental room,prison and core office. Meanwhile it's difficult to have visible light all day,the average video surveillance lost its funtion without invisible light.Day-night convert camera and infrared lamp need to be used if you want to monitor at night.The infrared thermal imager accepts infrared radiation passively from the target,no matter day or night it can work all day in 24 hours and analysis background information at any time.Once changes discoved it'll alarm without delay.Because the wave length of visible light is short and it's poor ability to overcome obstacles,the observation results is bad under bad weather like rain and fog.The wave length of  infrared thermal imager is under 8-14¦Ìm and has strong penetration throung rain and fog,so it can still work to observe the target.In other words,even on the night or under bad weather,using  infrared thermal imager can still monitor the objects like people,cars,etc.

2.It can monitor and recognize the disguised and hidden targets.

Disguise is mainly observed by visible light.Criminals usually hidden in the grass and woods.It's easy for people to misjudge due to bad wild environment and human vision illusion.The infrared thermal imager accepts infrared radiation passively from the target.When people and cars hide in the grass and woods,It's temperature and infrared radiation is more than the woods,therefore make it easy to identify.Moreover,The average surveillance camera can't observe the objects hidden under the surface of luminous objects such as steal goods and dead bodys.But the  infrared thermal imager can identified easily because when the surface messed,the surface of its' heat profile will also be damaged.

3.It can monitor and recognize the fire disaster.

Except using it for site supervison, it can also be used in fire protection equipments because the infrared thermal imager reflects the surface temperature of objects.As in a large area of forest, the fire is often triggered by unapparent hidden fire which are the root of the devastating fires.It's difficult to find the hidden fire with existing surveillance system.But with infrared thermal imager and airplane the hidden fire can be found easily and quickly,meanwhile,determine the location of the fire and scope accurately.By penetrating the smoke found fire point and eliminate the fire on embryonic stage.

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