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Guidence of Six Big Hunting Ground in China
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Products are rich and fertile in our country from southeast to northwest.So far 25 international hunting grounds has been established since the first international hunting ground built in heilongjiang in1984.Hunting species include argali, blue sheep, red deer, yakin, wild yak and other more than ten kinds of wild animals.

1.The northeast heilongjiang peach hill international hunting grounds.It's China's first international wildlife hunting grounds which has been used in 1984 and covers an area of 100000 hectares.There are more than  200 kinds of trees including pine tree, basswood, birch.It's the natural site for animals to inhabit.There are red deer, Black bears, wild boar, roe deer, roebuck, lynx, otters and other 51 kinds of beasts,Hazel hen, pheasant, yuanyang and more than 250 kinds of birds. All these wild animals can be hunted except the provisions of the state of rare species.

2.Shanxi east international hunting grounds.It's divided into seven hunting grounds and covers an area of more than 200 square kilometers.Hunting ground announced that it's the leopard (first class national protected animals), sika deer, red deer, antelope, wild boar, fox, Lin musk deer, roe deer, badger, pheasant, hare and other 300 birds and animals' breeding place.

3.The Tibetan Plateau qinghai touraine hunting grounds, baron hunts the hunting ground, water spring international hunting grounds.Touraine hunting ground is the first to be opened in qinghai.It's divided into baron, ditch two hunters point which covers an area of 190000 hectares and 250000 hectares.Hunting ground animals including white-lipped deer, red deer, argali, snow leopard, antelope, Wolf, fox raccoon dog, plateau rabbit, musk, snow chicken, partridge, etc.Water spring hunting ground located in the source of Yellow River, but it's rarely know to people and the traffic is relatively difficult.Therefore the tourist is few.

4.Large south hunan WuGaiShan hunting grounds. Covering an area of 8000 hectares.There are more than 130 wild animals, sambar, wild boar, muntjac, hare, badger and total 26 species is suitable for hunting.

5.Southwest sichuan kangba, western sichuan international hunting grounds.Covering an area of 330 square kilometers.Suitable hunting animals at least including takins (first class national protected animals)in the relevant report ,wild boar and other more than 10 kinds of large animals and dozens of small animals.Kangba hunting ground located in gansu Kyrgyz state, covering an area of 190 square kilometers. Hunting animals including white-lipped deer, leopard, snow leopard, green red tail hazel hen pheasant, class, bearded vulture, Lin musk deer, white buttock, etc., the main prey are blue sheep.

6.Northwestern xinjiang altun international hunting grounds.It's approved by the national forestry department to become the first national hunting grounds in 1993.At an average altitude of 3000 meters and covers an area of 100 square kilometers.The altun protected area has a wide variety of Tibetan wild ass, Tibetan antelope, wild yak, Tibetan snow chicken, wild camels and black-necked cranes, eastern imperial eagle, jade belt eagles exotics.The suitable hunting animals at least include the argali hunting varieties, goa, yel qiang red deer, etc. The saucer is currently one of the highest price hunting species  in international, selling for 13 ~ 190000 yuan.
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