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Several Hurdles for Hunting Season
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Hunting is totally a brand new thing for China.Chinese awareness of animal protection obtained obvious growth in recent years.It needs more more understanding and system design to gain the best answers by considering several questions like the reasons to carry out hunting activities including international hunting, how to specify and supervise hunting behavior,how to deal with wildlife protection and hunt.
In fact, hunting needs guide.Hunting activities in the United States has a history of more than one hundred years.6% of Americans still work on hunting.At the same time, the wild animal protection in the United States is also hot on the quite long time.Hunting can adjust the populations of wild animals and provide funds for wildlife protection as long as the appropriate measures were taken.As some critics pointed out that three hurdles need to solve for hunting in China to meet environmental protection standard,enrich people's life and protect wild animals.
1.Concept.Legal hunting is a family tradition in foreign countries,children in substantial family went our hunting.But in China it was hard for people to understand the connection between "legal hunting" and "wildlife protection";
2.Laws.Hunting management still don't entered in the wild animal protection laws.Furthermore,Hunting ground's nature make it difficult to do promotion because hunting involved in prohibited goods and our country is strict with this.This will restrict the promotion of hunting related industry;
3.Operate.Now our country lack of a mature mediation to release the information to let people know where can hunt legally, what kind of animals can be a hunt, what season can hunting etc.
Also the hunting habits are also questioned.China's rich people always want to kill prey as much as possible and throw out the rest prey."Many people only satisfied to hunt animals and take photos to comparison"."This is not called hunting,it was called beat animals".

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