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It's Really Not Easy To Hunt In Canada
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I heard from many people that it's very interesting to hunt in Canada.It's said that Canada is sparsely populated and has a lot of wild animals in large areas of forest and grassland.According to some Travelling Company advertisements described that it only need 80000yuan to buy a hunting license in Canada,then you can hunt all kinds of rare animals.It's not true when you came to Canada because it's a legal state.Everything need accordance with the laws,even hunting has a set of strict laws and regulations.You need a hunting license to go to hunting ground,without that you can't come and shooting animals.
If you want to participate in hunting activities, the first thing you need to do is get the hunting qualification.Registrating in the hunting ground first, and then wait to hear hunting lessons.The teacher will tell you the basic knowledge and requirements of hunting.It takes 14 to 15 hours(around 2 days),and test for 1 hour.The teacher will tell you that Canada is an animal-protection country,and hunting is a high-level behavior to protect animals.Without natural enemy some animals grow very fast and this will affect other animals survival,breed and develop,such as black bear.So for these animals it's quantities can be controlled by human through hunting,therefore keep a certain numbers and achieved balanced survival and development in the animal world .
After you passed the test you can buy a hunting license in pointed places,but you can't go to hunt directly,you need to buy animal tags.According to Ontario regulations: $24.02AUD for hunt wolves,rabbits,squirrels,migratory birds;antelope,bear belongs to big game and need to buy extra tags;Due to less quantities of camel,deer,you need to draw lots first, then buy tags.There are a lot of rule in hunting ground and it very easy to break the rules if you don't be carefully enough.Every hunter needs to respect your game,It's not only your shoot targets,but also a life in nature.You hunt the game not because you want to eat them,but to keep the balance of nature.Last but not least,Mastering the animal anatomy.Leaving games' entrails for animals to eat.You can only take the fur and meet.We were want to hunt for recreation and went to several hunting grounds on holidays,But it's too tedious and it's requirements is too high and evertime comes back with a disappointed mood. I am truly appreciate that hunting in Canada is really not easy! 
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