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Firmware Upgrades of D3 Camera
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The manufacturer reserves the right to upgrade the camera and the firmware. Users can upgrades firmware through SD card (SD card
capacity less than 32GB)

Follow the steps below to implement the upgrades:
1) Ready a SD cart and format the SD card;
2) Copy the ¡°FWD3A.bin¡± file into root directory of the SD card;
3) Insert SD card to camera, while press "OK" button switch camera to ¡°TEST¡± mode, after blue light flashes loosen the ¡°OK¡± button.
4) Upgrading is underway when blue indicator light flashes continually and TFT screen is off. Keep power on until TFT screen turn on and upgrade process finish (upgrade process needs 1minute).
5) Restart and check if the new version number is the same as  the old one, to confirm upgrade process succeed.

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