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The necessity of aging test
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In the production process of electronic products, high-temperature aging test products that improve product reliability under extreme conditions to ensure product performance and stability of an important test process. Electronic products, both components, semi-finished or machine, or equipment are required to be tested and aging. Test and aging is not a concept. First functional tests before aging.
Almost all electronic products through the manufacturing, into a complete product, with the product's features, with the use value, but after using the product, and some will be a variety of problems, and these problems occur most begin within a few hours to several tens of hours, the view of this, then the provisions of the aging and testing of electronic products, or equivalently modeled using state of the product, the process by the product manufacturer to complete.
By aging and testing ahead of the products in question are exposed to the product in question eliminate fire in the production line. The factory is no problem with the product, to ensure that the product is sold to the hands of users reliable. This is the meaning of aging test.

Aging test machine is divided into components aging and end-products aging. Especially for the development of new products, the need to test new components or new machine performance, aging test higher targets. Aging of the product defect in the production line is exposed, such as the reliability of solder joints, no device reliability. A variety of defective products are likely to exist in the design, materials and workmanship or poor, aging test is to find effective means to these problems, an aging test product performance into the stable range of the factory, reducing failure rates. This is the aging test of necessity.

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