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Infrared scouting camera for all the action you can catch
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A camera that every wildlife photographer should have

Hey readers, its been long I haven¡¯t posted a review. This time I have an awesome product, that is a Wildlife Scouting Action Camera that will really amaze you if you are into capturing wildlife action. I received the Wildlife Scouting Camera from Welltar as a review product to try it out and share my reviews with our readers.
I initially received the camera in a protective packaging and Welltar was quick in delivering it via speed post. To am my amazement as I first thought that this camera is coming from a Chinese manufacturer so it might not stand up to the quality marks. But I was really amazed when I received the package, as you can see below the box is quite impressive as well as the cameras front look.
As I opened up the package, I did really think this camera must be amazing, as the feel and the texture of the camera was awesome. I started to explore its features and functions, testing it for several days in and out. I really must say that for every wildlife action hunter or even if you are looking for a security camera, this is highly recommended.
As you can see the quality and look of the camera and specially the color that camouflages with the wildlife. The camera is built-in a rugged military style case which has locks on one side to secure it. You can use the camera for many purposes such as trailing camera used for hunting, using it for wildlife observation, monitoring plant/animals growing, motion triggered security camera for home, office and any indoor/outdoor application. The uses are countless, let your imagination run wild with the Wildlife Scouting Camera.
The camera supports different Video sizes such as VGA 640¡Á480, WVGA 800¡Á480, 720p 1280¡Á720@30fps and 1080p 1920¡Á1080@30fps. It also supports picture size such as 3Mp, 5Mp, 8Mp, 12Mp and 16Mp. The camera works in Day and Night mode so that you can capture all the action whenever you want. The infrared is awesome, it has 42Led¡¯s. The LCD screen which mounted inside the case and is not visible from front it a 2.4¡å TFT, RGB screen. Through this screen you can view captured video, pictures and adjust the settings for the camera.

The camera captures both pictures and videos as mentioned above, the video capturing length is from 5 seconds to 10 minutes which is programmable through the settings menu. In the Camera+Video mode the camera takes first the picture and then the video is captured. But of course you can either choose to capture a video or an image if you like. The best which I liked was that when an image or video is captured, there are stamps that show the temperature when the video or image was captured and the time and date plus the moon phase, which you can see below.
The camera menu has many options to adjust the settings, such as changing the image size, image or camera, video size, video length, timer, PIR sleep mode timing, stamps on/off and much more. These setting are really handy and they work really well. Yes before I forget to mention you need to install a SD card to store images and videos, as this is not provided with the camera, although you are provided with a USB cable to transfer pictures and videos to your PC, a strap and a Video out cable. Below you can see the menu options.

There are 2 ways to power up the camera, one is through 4xAA expandable to 8xAA batteries and second is DC power supply which is 6V/2Amps. The power consumption of the Wildlife Scouting Camera is just 200mA (+700mA when IR LED lights are up). The best part, it has an auto power off function, in case the camera detects no keypad press and that is programmable too. For photographers, there is a tripod nail in case you want to attach the camera to the tripod, hmm pretty interesting piece of technology.
The operating temperatures of the camera are fantastic. It can operate in temperatures such as -30C to 70C and humidity levels between 5% to 95%. I really must say the camera is amazing, I still have to play with it and experiment it with different outdoor settings and indoor too. Till then if you do want to get hold of this camera you should check out Welltar, the makers of this amazing Wildlife Scouting Camera.
This article was collected from http://www.igadgetech.com/wildlife-scouting-camera-action-can-catch/ by scouting cameras factory. 
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