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Ltl6210M GPRS Trail Camera Firmware Upgrades
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The manufacturer reserves the right to upgrade the trail camera and the firmware. Follow the steps below to implement the upgrades:
  •  Back up the contents on the SD card on your computer.
  •  Install batteries and the SD card in the camera.
  •  Format the SD card on the camera. 
  • Retrieve the SD card and plug it in your computer (SD card reader may needed). Copy and paste the FW6210A.bin file in the root directory of the SD card. (Consult with the national distributor if there is an upgrade available and where to download it.)
  • Retrieve the SD card and insert it back in the camera. Press “< ” key and put Switch to TEST, Look LCD appear boot LOGO and then loosen the “ ©‚” key.
  • Enter MENU, navigate the marker to DEFAULT SET, and press OK.  
  • Re-format the SD card on the camera. The upgrade has been installed successfully.
Attention: A firmware upgrade program for one model is not compatible on other models. In other word, an upgrade for Model Ltl-6210M only applies to that model. If a camera is falsely upgraded by running a non-compatible program, it will quit working and needs to be sent back for repair. This issue is not covered under warranty.
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