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The Detection Zone of Game Trail Cameras
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Game trail camera detection zone is the area in which; when movement is detected, triggers the camera to take a picture. Detection zones vary from short and wide to long and skinny and everything in between. No matter how fast your game trail cameras take pictures, it really doesn't matter if an animal never enters your trail camera's detection zone. The larger the detection zone, the more area you're effectively able to scout.

The two factors affecting detection zones of game trail camera are detection range and detection width (angle).
Some game trail cameras detection zones are actually wider than their field of view. These models can give you a head start on fast moving animals, but can also produce empty photos when animals enter the detection zone, but don't quite make into the view of the camera's lens.
Conversely, game trail camera with narrow detection zones almost always produce perfectly centered pictures with very few empty frames. However, these narrow detection cameras also fail to detect a substantial number of animals that wander into the view of the camera lens, but don't make it to the narrow detection zone. Ok,now go to choose the game trail camera belong to you.
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