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  • Cover Scents and lures Like all mammals, humans have a certain smell about them that most other animals can detect and recognize. Most game animals associate this smell with danger, and will stay away from it. This can make it more difficult for hun
  • The infrared thermal imaging technology can be well used in video surveillance systems,Below are the applications: 1.It can do the intelligent video surveillance all day under 24 hours and bad weather. It's difficult for the average video
  • "Wildlife Infrared Camera Images Show" will display in the National Museum underground from 2015,30th,Mar and lasts for 2 month.This exhibition will show 34  infrared cameras monitoring progress report in the form of wall paper.These wall paper
  • scouting camera lect man and his collection was very rich and precious.He carryied a bundle of carpet from upstair and said to me proudly "It was used by Russian Empress Ekaterina".He specially loved camera collection. According to introduction th
  • Wild hunting has always been regarded as the nobility sport. The hunting man mainly consisted by high-end small groups because there are many countries in the world forbid hunting or controling the areas and quantities of hunting,the price is very e
  • Infrared night vision thermal imager uses infrared detector and optical imaging lens which can accept the infrared radiation energy distribution of the measured target,then reflects to the light sensor of infrared detector,therefore gets the infra
  • For those hunters who like to hunt deer, it may seem normal for them to be thinking about the hunting season as being a two-season thing. What other hunters have in between these two parts are usually spent in reminiscing about the season just ended
  • You can buy lots of hunting cameras at www.welltar.com. You will find among other hunting cameras and camera accessories. Read more on the front: www.welltar.com Trail camera A hunting camera is enormously clever, for it helps you keep track of y
  • Hunting Gear Every hunter has their favorite hunting gear essentials, things they wouldn¡¯t dream of trekking in the woods without. On every list you¡¯ll find a weapon of choice (usually a bow and arrow or rifle and ammunition) as well as survival e
  • Little Acorn hunting cameras Features Starting at $182.22 and going as high as $519.95, Little Acorn hunting camerass are compact, user-friendly and fully featured. These cameras are designed to empower you to see exactly what you want to in your hu
  • There are major differences between a trail camera and a regular camera. A regular camera often has to be operated by a person or can be set up to take one photo based on a timer. Trail cameras have a special design that allows them to be set up to t
  • The are a number of different features available on remote trail cameras. One of the first and most important feature to choose is whether you want your camera to be a digital camera or a film camera. Digital cameras have a newer technology that prod
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